Resurfacing Wood Decks

Deck flooring options for giving new life to an old wood deck

Is your current wood deck looking rather sad and weather worn?

Architrex deck tiles offer much more cost effective and simpler deck flooring options than a total rebuild or resurfacing with new wood planks.

Provided the deck is structurally sound and doesn’t have an uneven surface due to warped planks, you can simply lay our Architrex tiles directly over the top of the existing deck for a fuss-free, cost effective re-surfacing solution.

Naturally if any of the old timber is showing some decay or is in an otherwise unsafe condition, it should be replaced, since Architrex deck tiles will not provide any additional structural strength and need to be laid on a firm level surface without “rocking”.

Another great reason to use decking tiles to repair or resurface an existing upper level deck is that you can easily make the area under the deck waterproof.  Here’s how.

Firstly you lay down an EPDM sheet to completely cover your existing deck.  You can buy EPDM in different widths with lengths up to 50′ wide from specialist suppliers such Best Materials or Resource Conservation Technology who can also custom fabricate a single sheet to avoid seams. Cut the EPDM sheet to fit the area you want to keep dry underneath and try to make sure there are no seams in the EPDM sheet if possible.  If you need to seal around pipes or posts etc., there are sealers made specifically for EPDM such as M-1 Sealant.

Then you just click the deck tiles into place over the top and in no time at all, you’ll have a great looking wood deck on top and a totally dry area underneath.

Another deck flooring option you may wish to consider if resurfacing a larger deck, is to use our porcelain pavers. These exceptionally strong, scratch resistant, stain resistant, frost resistant and fireproof 24” x 24” porcelain pavers are not interlocking but can be laid on 3/8″ rubber pads placed under each corner of the pavers to ensure they don’t rock on the existing deck surface. And again you can use the same technique as mentioned above if you want to create dry area underneath the deck. The beauty about porcelain pavers compared with interlocking deck tiles is that these versatile pavers give you a much greater choice of deck flooring options in terms of colors and styles. You can chose from wood look, stone look, cement look and even rustic styles of pavers. Other sizes such as 16″ x 48″ and 24″ x 48″ are also available in selected colors.

For further information on using porcelain pavers or interlocking deck tiles for resurfacing wood decks or if you have a question about deck flooring options in general, just give us a call on 866 206 8316 or send us an e-mail.