Pool Decking

Easy to lay pool surrounds

If you’re an above ground pool owner, I’m sure you’ve struggled with the challenge of what to put on the area surrounding the pool.

You need something that avoids dragging grass or dirt into the pool, something that stands up to the activities of boisterous kids and something that continues looking good throughout the year.  And of course you want any surfacing material to reasonable in cost, ideally also something you can add to or modify with your changing circumstances.

Fortunately Architrex deck tiles can easily meet this challenge.  With Architrex tiles, all that’s required is a hard, well compacted surface around the pool.

Ideally you would lay the tiles on bed of well compacted gravel, but even if you don’t want to lay a bed of gravel around the pool, you can still lay the tiles over bare earth, provided a few precautions are taken.  In particular you need to ensure the surface is very firm and quite smooth (not bumpy) and lay a weed control mat under the tiles.

If your pool is curved, you can cut the SwiftDeck wood or ResiDeck simulated wood tiles to fit the curve of the pool wall with just a handsaw or jigsaw.  It’s best to make a template with a piece of stiff cardboard to avoid making any cutting mistakes and  ensure you have a snug fit against the pool wall.

But perhaps one of the best benefits of Architrex deck tiles is that you can easily extend your deck in any direction, or remove it completely as you please.  You can even pack it up and put it away for the next season if you want to.

And there’s no need to worry about tripping on the edge of the tiles.   Edge transition pieces are available as an optional accessory with the SwiftDeck and EzyTile ranges which simply clip to the outer row of tiles to provide a sloping transition to the ground level.

For further information on using interlocking deck tiles for areas around swimming pools or if you have a question about your particular situation, just give us a call on 866 206 8316 or send us an e-mail.