Mixy 60 Planters

Steel panel & porcelain tile modular planters

Mixy 60 planters feature a powder coated, galvanized steel frame, two side panels of 3/4″ thick porcelain tiles and two powder coated steel panels on the opposite sides, each with a laser cut design. The slide in 24″ x 24″ porcelain panels are available in over 30 colors including wood look, stone look, cement and rustic styles. The frames and steel panels are available in either grey or dark brown.

Each planter includes a flexible plastic sack with drainage outlet for soil containment.

Mounting brackets are supplied on the base of the planters for secure, permanent installations. These brackets also enable Mixy 60 planters to be used with our range of StreetDeck modular decks when building parklets. Wheels are available as an option.

Mixy 60 planters are supplied as a flat pack. The planters are assembled by bolting the components together.


Mixy 60 porcelain tile planter

Steel Frame & Panel Colors



Width: 23 3/4″
Depth: 23 3/4″
Height: 23 3/4″

Porcelain Tile Colors

Over 30 colors are available for the porcelain sides of Mixy 60 planters. To see larger images of the available color options go to our porcelain color page here.


Mixy 60+

Mixy planters can be extended to any length by adding additional internal frames and porcelain panels. With no internal dividing wall between modules, plant roots can grow freely along the entire length.


Mixy 60+ with 2 porcelain panels (Kronos Kauri)

Mixy 60+ with 3 porcelain panels (Kronos Ebano)

Mixy 60 with bench seat

Two Mixy 60 planters can be connected by a bench constructed with two 48” x 8” porcelain tiles or one 48” x 16” tile. The bench is bolted to the steel side panels.


Mixy 60 & Mixy 60+ Components

Mixy 60 planters are supplied as a flat pack with all necessary components to construct the complete planter including brackets and bolts.