Elevated decks on pedestals

Installation of porcelain pavers on fixed or adjustable height pedestals

On sloping or uneven substrates, or where a perfectly horizontal surface is required on e.g. a rooftop deck, Architrex porcelain pavers can be installed on fixed or adjustable height pedestals with pedestals placed under each corner of the paver.

The open joints between the pavers allow rain water to flow away freely via the existing surface drainage channels. The load bearing polypropylene supports feature a wide circular base to prevent damage to the waterproofing materials. Electrical cables and pipes can be hidden under the pavers but easily inspected at any time by simply lifting up individual pavers.

A combination of fixed height supports (3/8″ high min.) and adjustable height pedestals can be used depending on the minimum height requirements and the slope of the substrate. Fixed height supports can be stacked to reach the minimum height of adjustable height pedestals (approx. 1 1/2″) and 1/16″ or 1/8″ shims can be used to provide minor adjustment with the fixed height supports.

With 24″ x 24″ porcelain pavers, the use of 5 support pedestal supports per paver (which includes a support in the center of the paver) should be considered in certain applications in order to distribute loads uniformly.

Estimating how many pavers or pedestals will be required for a specific job can often seem like a challenging task. But we have developed an online Pedestal Estimator to make this task much easier. This estimator will quickly calculate the number of pedestals of each size required to cover a defined area based on a drawing of the project showing all perimeter measurements, heights around the perimeter, slope lines and any drainage points. You can get immediate access to our Pedestal Estimator here. Alternatively, if you think it may be too challenging to use or you would prefer us to make the pedestal/paver estimation, send us the details of your project including all measurements, heights around the perimeter, slopes, drainage points etc. and we would be happy to provide you with our estimate.

For more specific installation guidelines on using porcelain pavers with pedestals systems, please  go to our  installation page for Eterno adjustable height pedestals or download our Architrex Porcelain Installation Instructions brochure.
A video demonstrating installation of porcelain single slab pavers with Eterno adjustable height pedestals can also be seen at the bottom of the pedestal installation page.



It should be noted that there are no specific regulations or standards relating to the use of porcelain pavers for elevated exterior flooring at the present time. The closest standard is that relating to concrete paving slabs (EN 1339) which specifies materials, properties, requirements and test methods for cement bound unreinforced concrete paving flags and complementary fittings. Under this test procedure, Architrex porcelain pavers comply with this standard on comparative tests.

It is important that project managers, specifiers and customers carefully assess the intended use of porcelain pavers in elevated flooring applications in relation to their specific technical specifications and properties. Any outdoor paving materials installed above the ground level without adhesives or other secure fixing devices will be subject to the action of wind, with the risk in some cases of becoming airborne. You should always confirm the suitability of the installation system in above ground applications and ensure compliance with any local laws and regulations, including regulations relating to seismic events and hurricanes where relevant.

The shock resistance of porcelain pavers should also be considered with pedestal installations to avoid risk of damage or injury. Despite the intrinsic density and stiffness of porcelain pavers, slabs may break if a heavy object is dropped on them from a significant height. Where hard and heavy objects are likely to be used or where floor heights are greater than 4”, it is recommended that appropriate reinforcement is applied to the underside of the pavers, such as glued glass fiber mats or metal trays. Architrex can supply both protection mats and metal trays as required.