Simulated Wood Tiles

ResiDeck simulated wood deck tiles

Specifications & Features

Unlike many low cost wood deck tiles, ResiDeck simulated wood tiles won’t crack, twist, warp, split, splinter or rot or require regular oiling to keep them from fading.

The slats on these durable tiles are manufactured using a co-extrusion process that places an extremely durable and moisture resistant ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate) capping over a cellular PVC core. The co-extruded ASA capping is not only impervious to moisture but is resistant to most stains and chemicals. It features a simulated wood grain appearance that resists discoloration and fading, even in severe outdoor conditions. The surface is lightly textured to provide enhanced slip resistance.

The open mesh base allows water to flow away freely from under the tiles and the large number of ‘feet’ on the underside of each tile distributes any load evenly over the surface they are laid on.

Unlike composite wood products which use wood fiber encapsulated in a polymer matrix, no wood or bamboo fibers are used in the manufacture of these tiles which can otherwise result in a higher likelihood of mildew or mold issues.

ResiDeck co-extruded cellular core tiles offer considerable advantages over most conventional composite wood products due to their enhanced stain resistance, fade resistance, mold and mildew resistance, quick drying characteristics and elimination of color difference between wet and dry states.

Note that these tiles are lighter than our SwiftDeck Ipe wood tiles due to their cellular core, so for exposed balcony applications in windy locations where the outer row of tiles is not restrained by by a parapet or other solid structure, it may be advisable to attach a length of L shaped aluminum or a specialized edge strip e.g. similar to Schluter Systems BARA-RWL along the outside edge of the outer row of tiles to create a continuous row of interconnected tiles.

Colors – Simulated wood




ResiDeck Tile Size

Tile size (covered area) 12″ x 12″
Tile Height (incl. base) 1.1″
Base Height 9/16″
Slat Thickness 1/2″
Tile Weight 2.2 lbs
Packing 10 tiles per carton
Carton Size 15″ x 13″ x 13″
Carton Weight 22 lbs


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NOTE: Polymer products have a relatively high coefficient of expansion and can expand up to five times that of steel. They are also good insulators, which means that temperature variations across the thickness of a tile slat may cause some elastic deformation where the material is not constrained in any way. Normally such deformation disappears when the surface temperature is returned to its normal state. As a consequence of this phenomenon, simulated wood deck tiles may display a slight curvature along the length of the tile when directly exposed to very hot sunlight. The tiles will normally return their regular state overnight. If you have any concerns regarding this characteristic in your specific situation, please contact Architrex customer service.