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Compare all interlocking tile options for outdoor patio flooring

Transform bland concrete surfaces into stunning looking outdoor patio flooring, quickly and easily with Architrex interlocking patio deck tiles. Interlocking tabs on all four sides of these modular deck tiles ensure simple DIY installation. No specialist tools, no adhesives, no nails and no screws are required.

Even our stone interlocking deck tiles need no adhesives or grout. And each of these patio floor tiles will be automatically spaced and aligned accurately and precisely over your deck, without frustration, mess or fuss.

Architrex interlocking deck tiles just snap together over any hard surface for instant outdoor flooring you can enjoy year after year on your patio, balcony, porch, rooftop or other outdoor deck surfaces. The self draining, integral plastic mesh base ensures the deck surface dries quickly and enables water to flow away freely under each tile.

We know that deciding which Architrex tile to choose for your project can be tricky. So to make your task a bit easier, we’ve summarized the main features of each of our patio floor tiles below.  Better still, we suggest you try  our online visualizer.  Just upload a picture of your outdoor patio flooring project and overlay it with different tile styles/colors. You can then get a much better idea of what each tile will look like in the exact location you want to use them.

But if you need further help in making a choice, just call us on 866 206 8316 or send us an email.

SwiftDeck Ipe Wood Deck Tiles

Ipe Characteristics

  • Generally regarded as one of the most durable and hardest wood species available
  • Very stable in use, displaying little tendency to twist, warp or cup even under more extreme conditions
  • Excellent weathering properties – weathers to light grey color but keeps a smooth finish with no splintering
  • Very resistant to attack by decay fungi and insects
  • Can be used for outdoor patio flooring in the most highly exposed and severe climatic conditions, including snow and ice
  • Hard wearing and scratch resistant – suitable for commercial applications
  • Mid-olive brown to very dark brown color, which can vary from board to board




EzyTile Slate Deck Tiles

Slate Characteristics

  • Moderately hard but can be scratched with sharp objects or chip on exposed edges
  • Application of a specialist slate sealer is recommended to reduce the risk of staining with oil etc.
  • Occasional minor flaking may occur due to natural laminar properties of slate
  • If used in areas subject to freeze/thaw issues, a protective sealer should be applied


EzyTile Granite Deck Tiles

Granite Characteristics

  • Very hard, strong and durable – ideal for commercial applications
  • Hammered surface finish provides good anti-slip properties
  • More stain resistant than slate
  • Can generally be used in areas subject to freeze/thaw issues, but application of a sealer is recommended




EzyTile Ceramic Deck Tiles

Ceramic Characteristics

  • Good anti-slip properties due to surface coating of fine transparent silica sand
  • Higher water absorption than granite – a sealer should be applied in areas subject to freeze/thaw issues
  • Thinner profile requires more care in installation and use
  • Not recommended where heavy cast iron furniture with unprotected legs is used
  • Must be laid over a solid, smooth surface to avoid “rocking” of the tiles
  • Not recommended for commercial applications




ResiDeck Simulated Wood Deck Tiles

Composite Wood Characteristics

  • Lower maintenance compared with natural wood patio decking
  • Softer than Ipe wood tiles so not as resistant to scratching
  • Suitable for high rainfall, snow and ice conditions
  • Good resistance to color fading
  • Textured simulated wood grain finish with anti-slip resistance
  • Excellent resistance to mold or mildew
  • Very good stain resistance