Pedestal Pavers

Pedestal Pavers

Tips For Choosing Pedestal Pavers

Installing a new exterior space or walkway or improving the one you have already is a great way of creating a nice outdoor environment where you and your family can have a great time. Also, adding pedestal pavers to the exterior of your home increases its value.

A walkway that is paved can give your front yard a unique design aesthetic; it can also give your driveway a unique curb appeal. When it comes to choosing pavers, there are a lot of options and colors available for you. You also have a lot of things to put into consideration when you are designing your space.

Installing pavers in your driveway or walkway is a better alternative to the local method people usually use. But where most people are having issues is picking the right style, size, and color. Pavers come in three different types: concrete, brick, and natural stone. Amongst the three types of pavers available, the style and color options available are endless, and they all come in different shapes and sizes.

Listed below are some of the things you need to consider when choosing pedestal pavers.

The Type of Paver You Want

One of the vital factors to consider in a paver project is choosing the type of paver that you want. As mentioned earlier, there are three kinds of paver materials: concrete, brick, and natural stone. Natural stones are very expensive, but they give an appealing earthy aesthetic.

However, it is not advised to use them on areas with high traffic because they can break. Brick is a better option on areas with high traffic compared to natural stones because it is strong paving material and it also resists stains. However, the most option you have is concrete, and it is durable and strong. It is also highly recommended for high traffic areas. It comes in various styles and colors and with patterns of interlocking.


Picking paver colors is one common challenge most people face when choosing pedestal pavers. When it comes to choosing paver color, it is better you keep it simple and choose a color that will compliment your environment and not something that will look odd.

Colors are a great expression of motions; every color has a motion it expresses. If you want the environment to have a relaxing feel, then natural grey can give you that feel. Depending on the kind of feel you want the environment to have, there are lots of colors to choose from. But it is recommended you choose lighter colors as it will make your space feel larger.

The Size of the Pavers

Another important factor to consider when choosing pavers is the size of the paver. One thing you should know about the size of pavers is that the larger the size of the paver, the smaller space feels and looks. Bigger pavers are great for patio space or backyard, but when it comes to creating walkways or driveways, they can make space feel small. To make space look larger, you should go for smaller pavers, and they also have more flexibility in design.


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