Patio Flooring

Patio Flooring

5 Patio Flooring Ideas For Your Backyard

When you want to design your backyard you have to place particular emphasis on your patio floor. The design of your patio will play a very crucial role in the overall result you will create. There are several factors that must be put in mind when designing your patio floor, from the material you choose, to weather conditions, from overall cost to its function. Below is a list of options you can consider for your patio flooring;

1) Wood:

Wooden patios are one of the most popular and attractive options for your backyard. They are highly flexible therefore the design can be varied in a lot of ways. You can also make your patio floor any color you choose. Compared to other materials wooden patio are less expensive and easy to assemble. They can also be elevated a little above the ground and using iron beams, you can build a roof over your deck.

The disadvantage of using wood for your patio flooring is that it tends to break down over time, even resulting in splinters. It may also require more continuous maintenance than other materials. There is also the chance of decay or termite infestation if the wood is not properly treated.

2) Natural stone:

Adopting natural stone for your patio flooring can bring beauty and uniqueness to your backyard. It is apt for poolside patio because of its rough slip-resistant texture. There is a naturalness associated with using stones, and it can be used to recreate beautiful scenes. Natural stone is available in different cuts and types allowing for easy customization. Aside from its natural beauty and easy customization, natural stones are also long-lasting.

The disadvantage of using this type of material is that it can be quite heavy, and may require the specialty of a professional to have it properly laid. It can also be quite expensive.

3) Gravel:

Gravel is even less expensive compared to wood and equally easier to install. The material required for this type of flooring is readily available. Despite the wonderful advantages of adopting this material it also comes with certain disadvantages, for instance, gravel can be quite difficult to keep tidy, as it requires regular raking. It can also be difficult to walk upon.

The best idea of the usage of gravel is to incorporate it into your design by laying it in a ring, this could be around the firepit or birdbath.

4) Concrete:

Concrete is a less expensive and relatively easier to install material for your patio. It is also easy to customize the texture and pattern as it takes almost 24hours for concrete to dry. Concrete is also long-lasting. It is however less attractive and can be physically demanding to mix the concrete if you don't own a cement mixer.

5) Bricks:

Bricks can also be used for patio flooring. Bricks can be used to make wonderful designs and pattern and can complement a house exterior. They also come in different colors; black, pink, red, beige etc., and can also have rough or smooth finishing. A brick patio can last a lifetime but can be quite time-consuming to install.


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