Landscape Pavers

Landscape Pavers

6 Tips For Making The Best Out Of Your Patio Landscape Pavers

The demand for patio pavers has grown over the years. People are increasingly making it the ideal choice for backyard patios. This is because they offer a customized solution that is beautiful and quick to install. You can design your patio landscape paver with bricks, concrete or stone depending on what you want. Patio pavers can come in different shapes and sizes and can be laid beautifully in any pattern in your yard.

Best Tips For Patio Landscape Pavers

1) The Deeper You Dig The Better

Laying your pavers on shallow soil might be tempting. However, the deeper you let it sink, the better. Place a call to your utility and plumbing companies to have them mark the cables and pipes before you start. After they have been marked, dig your ground below the root level of the vegetation. If the soil is dry, water the area one night before the project for easier digging.

2) Paver Patios Are The Best

You can make your patios with different materials, but research has revealed that patios made with pavers are the best. Maintaining them is low cost so even if you spend more money installing them, you'll save more long term. You'll not be required to seal it continuously like you would with other options.

3) Plan For Drainage

You need to make plans for drainage when you are designing your patio landscape paver. If you don't make room for water to go out, your yard will always retain water. This will make the need for maintenance more frequently than it should be. To avoid this, make it slope down from the foundation of your house. It should slope to a place that can handle moisture more. If you have an existing drainage, let it slope towards that direction.

4) Prevent Weeds From Growing

To avoid weeding your patio, your yard should be covered with a landscaping cloth that creates a barrier between the new base of sand and the old one. It will reduce the growth of weeds on your patio from underneath.

5) Keep the Edge Tight

If you want to minimize the movement of your pavers after installation, make sure the edge is solidly secured with metal, vinyl or cement lip. This will not just keep your patio together but will also help to minimize the growth of weeds.

6) Keep Extra Pavers Handy

Don't install every paver you have. Keep a few landscape pavers handy in case you need to make repairs. This doesn't mean that you should leave the job incomplete. It just means you should make arrangements for molding a little extra than you'll need for your yard. When you notice that a paver is broken, use a screwdriver to pry it out and replace it with a new one


Landscape pavers are not just beautiful but secure for home use. They don't pose any harm to you and your family even if you have children. You can use different colors to add a unique look to the yard. Make sure your color options are properly blended if you decide to use multiple colors.


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